An upcoming Cross Island MRT Line is slated to pass beneath MacRitchie forest in Singapore’s Central Catchment Nature Reserve, under some of our most pristine ecosystems, such as old regrowth and century-old primary forests. This isn’t right.

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We conduct free guided “Love MacRitchie” walks monthly, to explore MacRitchie’s rich biodiversity.

June 8
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Love MacRitchie Blog

The Insects That Keep Our Forest Healthy – Love MacRitchie Insect Walk (14 April 2019)

Insects have somewhat a bad reputation in Singapore: Dengue-loaded mosquitoes, pesky cockroaches, ant trails whenever food is left on the table. However, apart from these socially-defined urban troublemakers, many other insects exist only in forested areas and live out most of their secret lives away from the public gaze. Earlier in April, we invited some …

A tiny lifer for us all – HSS x Love MacRitchie Walk (23 March 2019)

40-odd cm long, barely thicker than noodles and well hidden in the undergrowth – it takes a keen-eyed herpetologist to spot the tiny gem of a snake concealed right under our gazes. Luckily, we were in the company of not one, not two, but five guides from the Herpetological Society of Singapore (HSS). To inject …

A playground within nature – Love MacRitchie Walk (10 March 2019)

What does the forest mean to you? One of our walk participants recalled how the forest was a playground for him in his younger days. Back then, technology wasn’t as advanced and instead of phones and tablets, children used to create games from what they could gather from the forest. An example of such games …

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