Love MacRitchie song and radio interview with the producers

On 6 January 2014, Australian radio channel, Wonderful World Music Network (94.1FM 3WBC) featured the Love Our MacRitchie Forest movement on its hour-long sustainable lifestyle show “What a Wonderful World”. This show featured the Terrific Trio – producers of the movement’s Music Video Project (official music video –

  1. Lysa Aya – singer and songwriter, NYC
    Lysa lends her angelic voice to support MacRitchie Forest as lead singer of the “Love Our MacRitchie Forest” song. Listen to Part 1 of this podcast to find out what spurred her to take up this environmental music project, amid her busy schedule as an artiste actively producing music. Lysa’s beautiful new production “Angel” is also featured in this segment.

  2. Teresa Guttensohn – eco-artist, environmental educator and activist
    Teresa is the originator of eco-art protest performance “Chained to our Roots” and the petition to urge the government to re-consider the alignment of the Cross Island MRT Line. In Part 2 of this podcast, she recites the poem she wrote “to be a voice for our silent forest, endangered animals and future generations”. She sheds light on the hidden gems in MacRitchie Forest and why should be kept pristine because “the rainforest is our children’s last wild frontier to discover nature’s mysteries”.

  3. Dr. Vilma D’Rozario – environmental educator and activist
    Dr. Vilma has been involved in conversations with the government, which is engaging the green community in the decision-making process. Well-versed in the ecology of MacRitchie Forest, Dr. Vilma shares the technical details about the possible impacts of engineering works, the direction of this movement, and offers a hopeful outlook for the forest in Part 3 of this podcast.

“Love Our MacRitchie Forest” Official Music Video

Show your support now for MacRitchie Forest of Singapore:

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