Short film “Unseen Undergrowth: MacRitchie Rainforest Singapore” and The Singapore Eco Film Festival

Living in the city, what do little critters of the forest undergrowth have to do with us? The Cross Island MRT Line (CRL) is proposed to tunnel through MacRitchie Rainforest, this will negatively impact its ecosystem.
“Unseen Undergrowth: MacRitchie Rainforest Singapore” is a conservation short film made in Singapore. It is produced in support of the Love Our MacRitchie Forest (LOMF) movement, in collaboration with Cicada Tree Eco-Place (CTEP). Watch, share and act for MacRitchie. HERE is what you can do.

This film is released in conjunction with the inaugural Singapore Eco Film Festival (#SGEFF), happening on 10-13 Nov 2016 at the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands. LOMF representative, Chloe Tan, will be on the discussion panel for session #4 “Buckle Up” on 12 Nov 2016 10.30am-1.00pm. See below for the full programme. Tickets are FREE! Book them HERE.



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