Invitation to ask LTA questions on Cross Island MRT Line development

Submit your questions by 30 June 2018 at

Dear friends of the nature community and Love MacRitchie supporters,

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) shared a press release on 9 June 2018 on the findings of the wildlife monitoring programme undertaken in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve (CCNR) during the soil investigation works for the Cross Island MRT Line (CRL). Wildlife such as the critically endangered Sunda Pangolin were found to be present near the work site. Based on this, LTA concluded that measures taken to mitigate the impact of the soil investigation works on wildlife were effective.

However, impact on wildlife cannot simply be determined by the presence of wildlife after works are completed. LTA’s conclusion raises several questions about the monitoring programme and the care that ought to be taken when damaging works are conducted in a Nature Reserve. We need to understand critical information that is missing from LTA’s media release, such as details about the methods used in the monitoring programme and results on which the conclusions were based.

Currently, LTA is working on the second phase of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that assesses the potential impacts of constructing the CRL tunnel under the CCNR. The results of this EIA are slated for release by end-2018 and will be used by decision-makers to determine if the CRL will tunnel through the CCNR or skirt around it.

It is essential that the EIA and the interpretation of its results are conducted with utmost rigour. We need adequate scrutiny to be applied to the results of the EIA, as this can affect the sanctity of a 150-year-old rainforest – one of the last bastions of our native biodiversity.

Let us work together to protect our rich natural heritage. It is important that we raise our concerns and questions to the authorities now about the monitoring process, impacts of tunnelling and the decision-making process.

To assist you in this, NUS Toddycats and Love Our MacRitchie Forest are inviting members of the community to submit any questions you may have about issues surrounding the CRL works. You can do so directly to LTA at, or with this form We will compile your questions along with our own, for submission to LTA on the 1st of July.

Here’s some resources to get you up to speed on the latest developments:

Thank you for giving our precious Nature Reserve a voice!

Chloe Tan
Project Manager – Love Our MacRitchie Forest
NUS Toddycats!
Volunteers of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

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