Open for registration – Love MacRitchie Walk with NUS Toddycats! on 15 July 2018

Common Birdwing butterflies
Common Birdwings were out and about on our previous walk. What will we see on our next one?

The next Love MacRitchie Walk with the NUS Toddycats! is happening on 15 July 2018, Sunday (8.30-11.30 am) at Venus Loop (Windsor Nature Park)! Now open for registration! Join the Toddycats in discovering the forest and its amazing wildlife.

Come join us and learn about the conservation issues surrounding the proposed Cross Island MRT Line (CRL) through the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

The forest trail at Venus Loop is a dirt path, which is relatively level and suitable for children and the elderly. Be prepared for some mud.

This guided walk is conducted by volunteers and is free-of-charge. Limited spaces available.

Register here

Find out more about the Love MacRitchie Walks here –


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