Cicada Tree Eco-Place’s National Day Durian Walk at MacRitchie Forest (On TV!)

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Cicada Tree Eco-Place’s National Day Durian Walk was featured on Channel 8! Here’s the video with English transcript by Lim Li Fang.

National Day Durian Walk by Cicada Tree Eco-Place at MacRitchie Forest

By Ms Goh Li Xin
Channel 8 NEWS
9 Aug 2018

“This group of Singaporeans gathered at Windsor Nature Park early today at 8am.

30 participants were split into three groups led by volunteers of Cicada Tree Eco-Place towards the Tree Top Walk.

The highlight of the walk was to find the rare native Singapore durian tree, which is found in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve (clarification by Cicada Tree Eco-Place: and Mandai Forest).

The Singapore durian has little flesh and is typically consumed by macaques and wild boars.

Lim Li Fang (Cicada Tree Eco-Place representative): “Singaporeans love eating durians, but many of us do not know that our forests contain many different species of durians, including the native Singapore durian. As we’re celebrating National Day, we should also celebrate our many native plants and animals.”

Isaac (aged 9yrs, nature walk participant): “I came here to celebrate my birthday as well as the nation’s birthday.”

Marcus Leong (nature walk participant): “I feel that there aren’t many opportunities to interact with nature in classrooms, so I came for this event with a few of my friends to get closer to nature and at the same time, celebrate National Day.”

After walking for around five hours, the three groups returned to the starting point and travelled to a nearby durian stall to indulge in a durian feast, bringing the event to a wonderful end.”

Watch the video here

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