Highlights of Love MacRitchie Walk with NUS Toddycats! – Aug 2018

Red and ripe rambutans were dangling from the trees at Venus Loop, tempting the forest creatures and visitors alike. These trees were planted by the kampung dwellers that used to live here in the past. Now that people are not harvesting the crop anymore, the animals like Long-tailed Macaques and squirrels must be having such a feast! Remnants of rambutan shells were strewn all along the forest trail.

One little, two little, three little Colugos

Aside from the rambutans, the highlight of the day was definitely the delightful sightings of Colugos – not one, not two, but three! One was an adorable juvenile that was clinging onto its mother’s belly, peering curiously at the excited people down below.


Colugos are forest-dependent creatures that require mature forests with tall trees to thrive. These queer mammals can glide from tree to tree through the forest using a membrane between its limbs!

It was a wonderful way to celebrate Singapore’s birthday – discovering wildlife and sharing lively conversations about our wonderful natural heritage.

Want to join us in discovering MacRitchie Forest? Follow this blog or our Facebook page to get updates on upcoming walks. More photos from this walk are also posted here.

Learn more about the Love MacRitchie Walks


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