Simple colours, cool creatures of MacRitchie Forest

Psst! We saw something cool during this month’s walk. Correction. We saw various cool creatures during this month’s walk, in the color scheme of black and yellow. Could you guess what they might be?

Down in the undergrowth

The creature that will be revealed first was actually the animal that we saw last, as we came close to the end of the walk. A gold-ringed cat snake! Contrary to its common name, the yellow stripes do not actually meet on the back of the snake, and hence, do not form a full ring. Some people also call them the mangrove cat snake, as they can be seen in mangrove or riverine habitats.

During our walk, this fellow was spotted really close to the boardwalk. Even though it seems to be harmlessly laying on the branches, one should not get too close as this species of snake is venomous. Thankfully we had a zoom lens to capture this beautiful image of the largest species of cat snake in Singapore while keeping a safe and respectful distance from it.


Up amongst the trees

On the other hand, we managed to come really close to the black and yellow common birdwing butterfly! Four of them were flying right beside the trail, with two perched under the leaves.

This was quite a special sighting, as birdwings are usually seen flying higher up in the canopy like birds do. Furthermore, this is an uncommon species that is listed as ‘Vulnerable’ in the Singapore Red Data Book. We can count ourselves lucky to be able to get such a close view of them today, and the participants of the walk could capture stunning images simply with their phone camera. What a great way for us to get close to nature!


There were also other plants and animals that matched with the color theme of black or yellow and here are some other highlights. Do check out the entire album of photos on our Facebook Page, and come join us for next month’s walk on the 13th October. The walk will be open for registration closer to the date so keep an eye on our Facebook page to see our updates!



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