The Love MacRitchie movement is a collective effort among various nature groups in Singapore. It was launched in 2013 in response to the LTA’s announcement of the new Cross Island MRT Line (CRL), which was proposed to tunnel through the MacRitchie Forest, a precious yet fragile ecosystem.

We hope that by sharing how special MacRitchie Forest is to Singapore, you will find reasons to love it, and lend your voice to save it.

This movement captures the efforts by the following key individuals who are promoting an appreciation for MacRitchie Forest:


  • Faizah Jamal
  • Subaraj Rajathurai
  • Teresa Teo Guttensohn
  • Tony O’Dempsey
  • Vilma D’Rozario (Dr.)
  • N. Sivasothi (also webpage coordinator)

Website administrators:

  • Chloe Tan
  • David Tan

The Love MacRitchie online network

Friends of Love MacRitchie


DECAL - Love MacRitchie 2013