Art installation

Photo: The Straits Times
Photo: The Straits Times

Done by Chu Hao Pei from Nanyang Technology University, Developing MacRitchie (2015), is a mixed media installation that consists of three video monologues and three alternating sign projections in a man-made rainforest environment. The project was inspired by Singapore’s Land Transport Authority’s proposal to build a metro line – Cross Island Line – cutting across MacRitchie Reservoir by 2030. MacRitchie Reservoir is a reservoir that lies in the heart of Singapore and is part of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve today. Developing MacRitchie challenges the idea of development in Singapore, questioning if development is only defined by new creations. Head on to his website to find out more!

Watch the three video monologues from “Developing MacRitchie” here below.

Primary forest: 



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