Chained To Our Roots

event highlights 1An eco-art protest performance event to launch campaign to save our MacRitchie Forest.

Singaporean eco-artist, Teresa Teo Guttensohn, and her friends were tied to a tree for 24 hours at Speakers’ Corner, Hong Lim Park, Singapore, from 3pm 22-23 Jun 2013 (Sat-Sun). The physical and symbolic chaining was to call for urgent action on the issue of the plan for a cross-island MRT line to run underneath Central Catchment Nature Reserve (CCNR), potentially destroying Singapore’s precious remaining rainforest and its amazing biodiversity.

The petition “Save Singapore’s Forest Reserves; Our Natural Heritage” was launched at this event.

Event highlights

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Poem – “Chained To Our Roots” by Teresa Teo Guttensohn. Read it HERE. Watch it HERE.

Speech – “Paying Extreme Price For Cross Island MRT; A Faster Ride To Species Extinction” by Teresa Teo Guttensohn. Read it HERE. Watch it HERE.

Checklist – “Non-Avian Vertebrates Recorded From Around The MacRitchie Reservoir” by Dr. Vilma D’Rozario. Read it HERE. Watch it HERE.

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Media news

“Singaporean Eco-artist calls on LTA to reroute Cross Island Line,” by Chiu Peace, Yahoo! News Singapore, 23 Jun 2013 – link.

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Bird Ecology Study Group (BESG) – Save MacRitchie Forest – Eco-performance

BESG – Save MacRitchie Forest – Chained To Our Roots

Habitat News – Chained to Our Roots petition & picnic: “Reroute the Cross Island Line to protect our oldest forests”

Toddycats – Toddycats at “Chained to Our Roots” Eco-art performance

Nature Society (Singapore) Facebook – Postings on “Chained To Our Roots” Eco-art performance

Singapore Heritage Society Facebook – “Chained to our Roots” event – an eco-artist’s appeal to re-route the Cross Island MRT line because of impact on Singapore’s natural heritage

Related material

Letter to ST Forum (unpublished) by Vilma D’Rozario

Letter of appeal to Minister of Transport (CC: Deputy Prime Minister) by Teresa Teo Guttensohn

Press release

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