Clearwing Gem

Photo by: Anthony Quek
Photo by: Anthony Quek

Name: Clearwing Gem (Libellago hyalina)

Classification: Animalia > Arthropoda > Odonata > Cholorocyphidae > Libellagohyalina

Habitat: Pristine freshwater forest streams

Description: An extremely rare and beautiful species of Damselfly, the Clearwing Gem lives near the pristine forest stream habitats of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve – a habitat that is severely under threat from developments such as the proposed Cross Island Line. Like many other members of its genus, the Clearwing Gem has long, slender wings – longer than the length of its abdomen – and exhibits a broad range of colour variations that differ between males and females and across geographic ranges. It is believed that the Clearwing Gems of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve possess a colour pattern that is unique to Singapore.