Copper-cheeked Frog

Copper cheeked Frog
Photo by: David Tan

Name: Copper-cheeked Frog (Hydrophylax raniceps)

Classification: Animalia > Chordata > Amphibia > Anura > Ranidae > Hydrophylaxraniceps

Habitat: Freshwater streams in primary, secondary and swamp forests.

Description: A charismatic and colourful species, the Copper-cheeked Frog is a small frog that can commonly be found in the MacRitchie forest, especially near forest streams. Although its skin colour is variable and can range from a dark brownish green to a pale yellow-ish green, it can be identified by the distinctive copper-brown patch on its cheek. The Copper-cheeked Frog, like many of the other frog species that live in MacRitchie, relies on the health of the forest’s freshwater streams for survival since it spends the entirety of its tadpole stage in these streams. Constructing the Cross Island Line through the MacRitchie forest will result in these streams being polluted, which will lead to the decimation of frog populations in the MacRitchie forest.