‘keruing belimbing’

Photo: YC Wee
Photo: YC Wee

Name: keruing belimbing (Dipterocarpus grandiflorus)

Classification: Plantae > Tracheophyta > Theales > Dipterocarpaceae > Dipterocarpus grandiflorus

Habitat: Primary semi-evergreen and evergreen dipterocarp forest

Description: The presence of dipterocarps is the main distinguishing feature of Singapore’s primary rainforests. This species is now critically endangered due to logging for keruing timber and extraction of oleo-resin. It can grow up to a gigantic 30m with its single branchless bole, making it a prominent emergent tree. Dipterocarps have characteristic two-winged fruits, and keruing belimbing produces the largest of the family. Mass-flowering and fruiting, also known as masting, is a unique reproductive strategy employed by dipterocarps, which occurs every two to seven years to allow for cross-pollination among trees and to overwhelm predators.


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