Support our forest!

Here are 4 simple ways for you to support our forest:

  1. Write to your MP to voice your concern
  2. Join our events
  3. Share with your friends (and the public)
  4. Sign the letter to LTA

1. Write to your MP to voice your concern.

Tell your Member of Parliament (MP) how you feel about the impact of the Cross Island Line on MacRitchie Forest. If you don’t know who your MP is, you can also write to your Minister of Transport Khaw Boon Wan. He can be contacted at

Minister of Transport, 460 Alexandra Road #39-00 PSA Building Singapore 11996

2. Join our events!

Come join us on our Love MacRitchie Walks to find your reasons to love MacRitchie. Also, keep a look out on our latest updates to find out what other events we have in store.

3. Share with your friends (and the public)!

Tell your friends about how much you love MacRitchie Forest by sharing our website on FacebookTwitter, Instagram. You can also write to our newspapers (e.g. Letters to The Straits Times, Voices at TODAYonline etc.) to share your views with the wider public.

4. Sign the letter to LTA

Join the chorus of voices asking for the Singapore government to reconsider the alignment of the Cross Island Line by signing the letter to LTA below or by clicking here.

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