Johnson’s Freshwater Crab

Irmengardia johnsoni 03 RM_
Photo by: Choy Heng Wah

Name: Johnson’s Freshwater Crab (Irmengardia johnsoni)

Classification: Animalia > Arthropoda > Crustacea > Decapoda > Gecarcinucidae > Irmengardiajohnsoni

Habitat: Slow-flowing shaded freshwater forest streams

Description: Found only in Singapore and nowhere else in the world, this minuscule freshwater crab lives in the freshwater streams of MacRitchie, where it feeds on dead leaves and tiny freshwater worms. Listed as globally vulnerable due to habitat loss and stream pollution, this is one of the many species of freshwater animals that would be severely impacted by soil investigation works if the Cross Island Line were to be built under MacRitchie forest, bringing this species even closer to the brink of extinction.