Lesser Mousedeer

rare_Lesser mousedeer_photo by Marcus Chua (1)
Photo by: Marcus Chua

Name: Lesser Mousedeer (Tragulus kanchil)

Classification: Animalia > Chordata > Mammalia > Artiodactyla > Tragulidae > Tragulus kanchil

Habitat: Primary and secondary forests

Description: Measuring less than 50cm long, the Lesser Mousedeer is the smallest ungulate in the world. It is a herbivore that feeds on leaves, shoots, fruits and fungi on the forest floor. The white markings on the neck are a characteristic pattern of this species. The territorial males have protruding canines, which are used to fight rivals and predators. Highly sensitive to noise, they can flee and intrude into another individual’s territory, waging territorial battles and injuring each other. Noise from the CRL works are of grave concern for this locally critically endangered species.