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Unseen Undergrowth: MacRitchie Rainforest Singapore

Living in Singapore city, what do tiny forest critters have to do with us? The Cross Island MRT Line (CRL) is proposed to tunnel through MacRitchie Rainforest, this will negatively impact the balance of its ecosystem. Sign support now to save our remaining rainforest:…

MacRitchie Rainforest Singapore

A Conservation Short Film Made in Singapore
In support of “Love Our MacRitchie Forest” movement
In collaboration with “Cicada Tree Eco-Place” (CTEP)

Released in conjunction with “Singapore Eco Film Festival 2016” (SGEFF)

Produced by:
Kwan Hun and Teresa Teo Guttensohn


Cinematography: Kwan Hun
Creatives & Script: Teresa Teo Guttensohn
Producers/Editors: Kwan Hun and Teresa Teo Guttensohn

Special thanks to Biodiversity Consultants (in alphabetical order):
Marcus Chua, Maosheng Foo, Andrew Tay and Lahiru Wijedasa

Music: Vulcan Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License…

Copyright 2016 Producers

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