Why ‘Love MacRitchie’

Pause, and view our infographics to find out more about Love MacRitchie, and why you should support this movement. (For viewers on mobile, click here for a smoother experience)

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The Cross Island Line (CRL), which will connect Changi and Jurong by 2030, is depicted to pass beneath a 1.8 km stretch of forest near MacRitchie Reservoir. This passage through the Central Catchment Nature Reserve (CCNR) begins at the Singapore Island Country Club (Bukit Location) in the west to near Venus Drive in the east. It passes through some of the most pristine ecosystems in Singapore, including old regrowth forest and one primary forest patch.

The Cross Island Line_new

This does not have to be. An alternative is available, as recommended by the Nature Society of Singapore (NSS) in its Discussion and Position Paper. It is possible for the CRL to be aligned such that it passes around the Nature Reserve instead.

5 reasons to support ‘Love MacRitchie’

Click on the following links to find out more about the Cross Island Line & 5 reasons to support Love Our MacRitchie Forest!

  1. Irreplaceable habitats & biodiversity
    Once impacted, these mature and unique ecosystems will never be the same.
  2. Forest fragmentation
    This changes the physical conditions in the forest and prevents animals from moving around freely.
  3. Convention on Biological Diversity
    As a signatory, Singapore is obliged to take measures to conserve its Protected Areas.
  4. A Nature Reserve is a Nature Reserve
    It should be used for its intended purpose only.
  5. An alternative is available
    CRL does not have to tunnel through MacRitchie Forest!
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