CRL Phase One to open in 2029 with 12 stations – Channel NewsAsia

The first phase of the MRT line, spanning 12 stations from the East of Singapore to the doorstep of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, will begin operations in 2029. Beyond that, the government is still deliberating on whether the CRL should tunnel under or around the nature reserve.

As the development of the CRL continues, let’s not forget about the risks the CRL pose to our biodiversity and natural heritage should it tunnel under our century-old primary forests.

Check out our CRL primer here:

Got something to say to the government? Here’s how you can get your messages across:


Featured image: view from a Circle Line subway train in operation on August 2, 2017. The Circle Line was the longest underground MRT line at that time, but it has since been surpassed by the Downtown Line. The Cross Island Line will take over this title when it fully opens by estimated 2030.

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